Closed-end Funds

Daily Pricing

Closed-end Funds Information as of: 08.31.2015

Fund Name
Net Assets
NYSE Symbol
Market Price
Premium/ Discount
Prior Day NAV
NAV Change
Fort Dearborn Income Securities, Inc. n/a FDI n/a n/a n/a 15.33 n/a
Global High Income Fund Inc. n/a GHI n/a n/a n/a 9.27 n/a
Managed High Yield Plus Fund Inc. 125,113,531.83 HYF 2.01 n/a n/a 2.01 0.00
Strategic Global Income Fund, Inc. n/a SGL n/a n/a n/a 9.50 n/a


For each fund, the net assets, net asset value per share ("NAV") and market price per share ("market price") information is as of the close of trading on the date first indicated above. 

"Prior Day NAV" refers to the NAV per share on the prior day on which the fund's shares were trading on the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") (i.e., does not reflect weekends or holidays).

"NAV Change" compares the "NAV" and "Prior Day NAV".

"Premium/Discount" compares market price and NAV.

A fund trades at a premium when the market price at which its shares trade is more than its NAV. Alternatively, a fund trades at a discount when the market price at which its shares trade is less than its NAV. The market price is the price the market is willing to pay for shares of a fund at a given time, and may be influenced by a range of factors, including supply and demand and market conditions. NAV per share is determined by dividing the value of the fund's securities, cash and other assets, less all liabilities, by the total number of common shares outstanding.

Please note Managed High Yield Plus Fund Inc.'s net assets does not reflect the market exposure achieved via the line of credit which the fund employs to leverage its investments.

An investment in a fund is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency.

Not FDIC Insured. May lose value. No bank guarantee.

Fund shares are subject to risks, including investment risks, such as the possible loss of investment.

Further information regarding these funds is contained in their most recent press releases and shareholder reports, copies of which may be found elsewhere on this website.